BTS Terminal

The airport Letisko M. R. Štefánika in Bratislava, Slovakia gained a modern Departures hall with a total of 43 613 m2 usage area. The capacity of the new building is 5 million passengers annually and the maximum hourly capacity will be 1500 passengers at Arrivals and Departures.

The project was challenging and interesting in many ways. At first realization of the excavation pit with very limited moving space and in close proximity of the functioning airport. Furthermore, depth of the base slab was below the ground water level so we needed to ensure the pressure waterproofing system, linking both dilatation units below the water. Monolythic and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures of modular warp of maximum 18x18 meters were used for realization of the ceilings and roof. 

Construction was realized during full operation of the airport in close proximity to the buffer zones for take off and landing respecting all airline regulations and ordinances. The building is based on a reinforced concrete slab foundation with ground size of about 75x70 and 80x70 meters forming two dilatation units.

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