Aircraft Hangar VIP Handling

Building of the Year 2012

VIP Handling Aircraft Hangar is the first and only realised project of this type and size in Slovakia.

It is designed as a hall structure with ground plan of 50x150 meters. Each of the three separate aircraft light maintenance operational units enable entry of limit airplane type Boeing 737-900 and is equipped with large-span entry door of overall height of 13,3 m, 8,5 m respectively and 38,2 m of overall width.

Design and sizing process of this building was carried out in accordance to all related regulations and standards of the aviation industry, fire protection and weather condition. At the same time we wanted to create a sustainably efficient building in terms of costs and create long-term value for the investor. After 3 years of operation all our strategic decisions concerning technical detail were justified.

For this project we received the award Building of the Year 2012 for optimum use of progressive materials.

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